How we get sellers top dollar for their assets

At CKJ Consulting LLC, we will go the extra mile to ensure that you are getting top dollar for your real estate.

  • Use drone aerial footage to show the community’s appeal
  • Use landscape design software to show potential buyers how beautiful their home could be
  • Use a comprehensive BPO form that ask precise questions relating to your home to justify our valuation(s)

View our sample BPO form

Examples of our drone aerial footage and landscape design renderings:

Best practices and tips for sellers:

  • Find an agent you’re comfortable with. This is a very important transaction and a very delicate matter. Moreover, remember you’re dealing with someone’s future home. Remember that, when dealing with an agent, ultimately you are the boss, but you should respect their professional opinion.
  • Ask for comparable properties that were sold in the area, or comps, to help gauge a good price for your property. Have your agent do a BPO to support and justify your offer, detailing 3 comps actively available and 3 comps recently sold, preferably within .25 miles for urban, .5 miles for suburban, and within 3 miles for rural areas.
  •  Make sure you consider all factors when determining your price— consider as a homeowner what sells your home’s worth: location, improvements you made to the property, etc.

As a seller, ask yourself these questions:

  • How flexible are you? Access to showing your house is essential in securing good offers for your house.
  • How do you prefer to be contacted? Do you text, or do you prefer to respond by e-mail?
  • Are you comfortable signing e-docs, or would you rather meet in person?
  • Would you prefer a broker from a large organization or one from a smaller brokerage? Keep in mind that working with a smaller brokerage allows for more time being devoted to your case.
  • Are you comfortable with your house being shown on the MLS? All agencies have access to multiple listing services, so going with an agent allows for thousands of other agents to view your property.

Bringing together the default and traditional real estate sale strategies

Stabilizing both markets, with integrity, transparency, and a high level of professionalism resulting in sound valuations.

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I bought a house in Paterson from one of Mr. Rose’s listing. I highly recommend him as a realtor because he knows how to do his job well. He was always ready to help me and attentive toward any questions or concerns I had while buying my house. I would recommend him as someone responsible and trustworthy. Thank You

Victor Sela